OK, remember my big mega project?

You know I must be a glutton for punishment or something. I am the lead quilter on the Smithers Centennial 2013 Quilt Project. No photos yet of the entire quilt because that is still 16 months away!! But I did have a deadline of June 30th for the blocks to be handed to me from the other 9 artist participating.

Then in May one of the artists couldn't commit, then today another one decided that the deadline was not happening in her life either.

So there I was in a  moment of heart pounding shock. I stayed calm on the phone, but inside my insides were turning around and exploding!

I thought happy thoughts and calmed down. Its still 15 months away and well, I'm up for the challenge. Then I opened my email and there was a nice post from Funky Junk's blog and she posed a question to her readers.

As I read  her post, I found this challenge, I realized that yes, I'd make three blocks for this quilt and I'd do it with style.

Here is what my one scary thing challenge is.

I need to draft three blocks on graph paper for the Smithers Centennial Quilt Project. 

Its simple, design and draft the three blocks. 

I had thought that the one I started for Sir Alfred Smithers would work, but the more I do on it, the less I like it, so here's what I'm not doing for the quilt.

 I you want to link to the challenge, go here.

All the best,



  1. If anyone can meet this challenge head on, I'm sure you can. Good luck!

  2. Oh dear! Hope you can pull it together. Do you have any alternates?

  3. Well, I did meet my target of drafting a whole new design without two additional blocks for the center part of the quilt. Its going to be an awesome change!


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