Humble Beginnings for a Modern Quilter

 In 1997 I began thinking about writing a book. By this time I'd had so many interesting experiences with quilting with recycled cotton harvested from shirts and dresses, I'd become quite good at it!
This little pillow above is one and you can see the beginnings of a modern quilter with all that abstract negative space.

But that darned addiction of mine to crazy quilting began sending me off in all directions! But still my need to express myself with different ideas about quilting took me back and forth for the most of the last decade! OMG I'm dating myself, but oh so what, anyone can find me on Google if they really have a burning desire to know more about me.

My desire to express innovative ways to reuse kept me on track for becoming a modern quilter. I didn't even know what a blog was in 2003 when this Butterfly Ring took shape on a scrap of graph paper. I was deep into learning about blogs when in the summer of 2008, our little hamlet had two devastating fires for two local women. They each lost everything. I just happened to be on the road when traffic was stopped due to water bombers hurling the pink liquid fire retardant onto her house.

Then as September began threatening with rain and cold, I taught a recycled workshop at Moricetown, I've blogged about it here.

This little  recycled baby quilt is made from recycled sweaters! Yeh for innovation.

Of course as you know I'm slowly making my way to a modern quilter status. I did some curved pieces fun blocks, they are stashed away in container after someone I know said "What are those horrid brown blocks, they look like cow pies squared!" You know I have feelings too!

But as you know, once a quilter, always a quilter may be a myth. I've taken to mosaicing my kitchen  back splash and I'll blog about it later, but in the meantime, I discovered these fabrics in one of containers.
 It was love at first site, the "Orange Thingy" began.

 Well, I guess it turned out to be more of a green thing!

Then I had to get distracted by who's blog I just love, she is a super different kind of paper piecer. I had to do her little fox block.

Eventually, the modern quilter in me, emmerged over Christmas and I was back at it again and this is how far I've gotten on this quilt. But as you know I've  become distracted again!


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    1. Thanks Barb, its all a journey of lifelong learning. Thanks so much for following me. :)

  2. Cannot find your blog hop party post.
    Quilting Gallery

    1. Hello Michelle,

      I posted it on March 17th as that was when I thought it was due, but no worries I've moved on to other fun things.


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