Some of my Favorite BC quilting bloggers

Sometimes, in my neck of the woods, I feel alone on the Internet. I discuss many wonderful things with folks all over the world, but locally, we are little bit behind. But recently, I discovered this local shop and she has a blog online. Pam has this delightful shop "in the back forty of her property" walking along a raised dirt path along the frog pond is super natural! This little shop is not far from my home!

Then I thought

Then you must meet up with Sonja at this gal is a paper piecer extraordianaire! Fabulous gal with much talent, I think she's just getting off the ground really, even though she's been working away for several years, she is a must check! This  new blog to me is pretty interesting, Cathy has a real nice way of putting things together. She's a BC Mom of two grown kids and has some really nice links on her blog.

Then there is Felicity Quilts and I really like this  blog, she's always busy with a million things on the go, but her style says 'modern' and I love it! so check it out here This is my favorite, second to Artisania and once you've been and visited this talented quilter, you'll know why. I love her timeless style, with tea pots, cups and pouches that are just gorgeous! Laurraine seems to have a style akin to the Japanese designers that I read and read and read about, check her out!

I leave you with this funny shot of me standing in front of the mirror, my husband laughing about the way I take photos. Hope you all are  having an awesome day! See you soon!


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