Road Trip Girls Only!

Last year I was invited to a "Ladies Luncheon" and of course, I went. Well it was truly the most fun I've had in years! We laughed so much some of us had to run to the bathroom! It was definately not a luncheon, but rather a sleep over party till you drop. The silly antics that happened still make me giggle, but it was all good clean fun "girls style."

This shop is located in Prince George, B.C.
This year, the luncheon included a road trip and we had to stop at some thrift stores, right? I was looking for some awesome fabric and I found some awesome clothes. But the manager wasn't around and I couldn't take any photos. I've since cleared this up with the Manager who was very sweet and totally understood how wonderful thrift stores are for the variety of fabric in clothing.

 Sometimes in thrift stores, you'll find a quilt top, made perhaps in BC goldrush years and is fine shape, It was found and purchased for $5 in the trendy Granville St. Market area of Vancouver, B.C.

I saw this on  recent trip to Terrace, BC where very creative artwork is openly encouraged on closed storefronts. Its a great idea to encourage a place for anyone to just express themselves. I wonder if its part a youth art activity or something like that from the local high school?

 We checked out the Prince George Farmer's Market with this sweet location downtown and so many wonderful buys, like this one, Bob Orr, who is a wonderful leather crafter and has some pretty cool belt buckles and brooches all for $20 I seem to remember. He does custom work and he's got a great business card.

Contact Bob Orr for the finest, well priced leather merchandise.

Good friends come in great packages!


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