Summer on the Range Follow Along

Wow, the previous post on this "Summer on the Range" Quilt Along is a very popula. I am so pleased and honored that so many of you want to participate.

This is what you need to get prepared!
  • Decide on a group of reused fabrics, new fabrics and these don't all have to be 100% cotton? I often don't stick to using only cotton. What I do is to sit down in front of my various stash shelves and squint my eyes. I see what blends in and disappears, what stands out and what is a group of colors that you really like AND you wouldn't normally place these colors together.
  • This quilt is going to take you out of your comfort zone. Take a deep breath and keep breathing! You'll do fine, the way I love to blend fabrics is all about that, taking a few risks!
  • Decide on what size of quilt you want to make?
  • Decide if this is for someone else or for you?
  • Decide on what size of a Dresden Plate you want to make?

This link above will take you to my tutorial for getting started on making your own Dresden Plate blocks.


All the best,



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