Reclaimed Linen Laundry Hamper

Yep, it was just one of those darn things that I should have done several years ago, but procrastinated on it! Our laundry hamper had seen better days for sure. But what to use for it, I really wanted something open weave cotton, but then I came across the fine set of table cloths made from linen. Perfect! Yes, that's my Oh! Canada quilt in the background.

Here it is, the offending Grey colored crappy tire version of a laundry hamper. I think this fabric is something that would have gone inside auto seats or something! Really ugly and didn't let anything breathe. You  know what I mean?

 I had a major seam which I sewed 5/8 in. wide and then sewn the inside of the seam down with a simple zig zag stitch. The important thing here is to conserve what you have, not buy new, just because its ugly or not totally functional, redo it! Reuse whatever you can, otherwise its such a waste of energy. You know so many researchers talk about the reuse problem facing our nations and yet, not one takes into consideration that 'energy' is lost if we don't reuse consumer clothing for something other than its intended use.

OMG, you can see that I'm a clutter bug on this side of my room!

 I simply attached simple squares of springtime colored scraps to  improve the overall look of the mature linen table cloths!

Ready to use! Yeh for reusing another item! What do you reuse? Leave me a comment and tell me what you've done in reuse recently, I'd love to know!!


  1. Oh...great reuse. I reuse gift bags, cards....does that count?

    1. Thanks barb, of course gift bags and cards count. For sure, over the holidays I found a really old article on making cards from last years cards and so that is reclaiming!


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