Mega Project Coming Up!

Well, you may not know this, but some of my friends might think I've lost my mind!

Remember, this is the same quilter, namely me that takes a little portable bag of hand piecing in my purse all the time and if a few minutes present themselves....
That's right, I don't watch TV or read loads of romance novels or self help  books. I simply quilt a hell of a lot!

Be calm my heart, admitting things are good for me! But admitting that I'm already in the middle of the mega project of my lifetime is another thing! Check out this link below to try and figure it out.

This link might give you and idea, but in all fairness if I told you it wouldn't make the same impact, I'm learning that for a quilt to have that wow effect that makes us drool, you need to build up to the whole quilt, in all its beauty.
In this photo below, I'm 17yrs old.
I'd have put on something cuter than this old t-shirt. I remember how uncomfortable with my  new boobs, then you know I was a late bloomer and they really didn't grow much until suddenly at 16. 

These ladies are members of the Sunshine Valley Women's Institute in Grand Forks. The are working on a special quilt.

If you visit the above link, you'll get it right away!
Leave me a comment, love to know what you think my mega-project is?


  1. Looks like you are a busy woman!!!

    1. Yep, its all coming together, I'll post a new page on my site really soon!


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