"Summer on the Range" 2012 Quilt Along

"Bless me as a free man" Nelo Case's voice flits across my studio. I love her single "I wish I was the moon tonight" off her "Blacklisted" Album and its helping me combine my thinking for the quilt I'm working on. 

I started this quilt back in the summer with asking for your help to decide on backgrounds. I gave four choices, got some excellent feedback from all of you. 

You can see I didn't go with any of the previous choices given this summer!!

Thanks so much my loyal followers,you helped me find the right combination.  Now, I told you that I was so indecisive during the summer, my dresden plates came together and then they waited for a home for several months. I just couldn't figure out which way to go with the background color. This is what always happens, I change my mind after the first initial drawing. 

This new design "Summer on the Range" is my experience in a quilt of my childhood summer at home on the range. Cattle roamed around, horses and pigs could be played with on the farm. I road  horses, big Clydesdale horses, so gentle and loving. I fished, swam and hid from chores. But many of my happiest hours as a child were riding the big horses.

Now as an adult, I have a fine stash of fabric to draw from because I refuse to buy any more fabric. Its just simply time to draw from my inner resources in these economically confusing times.

Wow, crazy times and so, I have many wonderful conbinations to draw from and its all part and parcel and my way of putting things together @ Blended Fabric Quilts.  In my head I see one thing, but when it comes to picking fabric from my stash, its another thing altogether.

I don't think I'm the only one who's thinking and quilting more frugally and with the desire to reuse or reduce our consumption. Most quilters already have enough fabric to last their lifetime already!

 So what do you think? Come on ladies, give me some feedback?

 I've still got my hand applique to do around this center circle. I pin first as above, then I run a basting stitch around the perimeter to be positive of where my actual seam does go then that part is done.

Its kind of turning into a mystery quilt! You know? Want to play along?

I'm hoping that some of you will be spending some down time on your home computer, chilling with an iced Dubonet beside you and you'll give me some feedback?

Blessings to you and yours for this holiday season!

Leave me a comment if you want to follow along with this quilt. Remember contact details and I will email you the start of this new design. I welcome the input and assistance to test a new design. As usual if you use my design, please link to me with an email telling me where you've posted your work of my design. Copyright protected.



  1. I love your Dresdens and I love your idea of your 2 colour background square. Looks perfect! Just curious - what size are your plates ?

  2. Thanks, I'm really enjoying this one. Now I'm back at it. The plates are 17 inches across.


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