Reclaimed Pottery Pincushions

When I walk by a thrift store or see a garage sale sign on the side of the road, I have to stop! I pick up all sorts of discard pottery and make new things with it. Yep, that's it, no real plan of it, just to reuse a reclaimed item into a new life.

These little pincushions are just that, hand picked finds of pottery that I've remade into a pincushion. I encourage anyone to do the same, they make ideal gifts and are a great seller at a craft table. Plus, there is just no end to what is out there to reuse. Let your imagination go!

 I'm sure that these pottery finds are in your area and what an original gift for a quilter or sewer?

I came across some of these cute little egg cups that the potter wasn't too happy with and I bought them all from her. What do you think?

 This tea cup and saucer sets were discards at the Reuse Shed. Not cracked, chipped or wrong in any way, so they found a new life!

 All of the fabrics used are reclaimed from ladies clothing, some of the braids are reclaimed and some are new.

What do you do with small chunks of beaded fringe? You know the little bits left over from something else you made and its not enough to do any larger project, this cute little pincushion is perfect, don't you think?

Cute little chicks chatting about their new life! If you'd like me to make one custom for a friend, email me?


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