Light and Goodness- Baby Calm Quilt

Life has been up and down, all around, spinning sometimes and lost in the wilderness of life at other moments. I never know when something good is going to enter my life. I can plan well, execute focused attention on those plans and even sleep well too.
Sometimes my world is touched by light and goodness. I can see dark clouds coming and I take shelter. This little quilt came into my life one of those times I sought shelter. The rain poured for what seemed like weeks as I played inside with the technique of stacking and whacking, slicing and dicing whatever you call it, in a totally different way. Designing; whacking and joining away I went. My task was "purple" the favorite color of Jennifer, Violet's Mom.

Playing with stacking and whacking is almost second nature because as I play with integrating recycled fabric from clothing into quilts its takes a different frame of reference to work with even the most challenging of recycled fabrics. 100% cotton being still the easiest fabric to work with. 
Some of the fabrics used in this quilt date back to the early 1990's to the present. Some are even older, but I don't know because they found their way to my studio through a thrift store and sometimes were picked up at the Re-Use Shed at the Smithers, BC transfer station. This lavender background solid came by way of a garage sale back in Enderby a couple of decades ago.

This little quilt just almost jumped together from the very beginning. I wanted to use this lavender cotton in something and one day while cleaning up my fabrics, the pile of purple prints turned up in my hands. I set them down on the lavender cotton fabric and it was love at first sight.
This little quilt belongs to a lovely little girl, Violet is her name. She's new on the scene and proud to be here.

This quilt is the foundation of a class I'm teaching a class in an effort to help raise funds for the Quick Women's Institute at Round Lake Hall on Round Lake Rd on Oct 15th. Supply list and registration is by calling 250-846-5985 or emailing me at this blog.


  1. Awwwwww. Violet is beautiful and so is her new quilt! I love the pattern. Nice job.

  2. Have you checked out the two hour table runner or the 3 hour block magic posts? This little quilt is made using that technique.
    Thanks for your kind words ladies!


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