Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Continued BV Fall Fair Booth

We were at first stumbling around trying to figure out what went where. How to design a booth is a very important step. You need to consider that people will want to come and take a look at whatever you sell or make or both. In the photo  below, Nola and I set up the Bulkley Tweedsmuir Women's Institute's BV Fall Fair Display area. Then we rushed back to our booth and continued.

We tried to consider space for movement, selling area for payment and cutting of organic cotton at the booth. 8x16 ft. might look big at the beginning, but you know how quilters are, we take everything but the kitchen sink.

 We were happy with how it eventually turned out, but little things like the uneven rough wood flooring, even though rustic, was a challenge to prevent my shelves from falling over, spilling new organic cotton bolts all over the place.

My Rooster was made the night before, just the top was on display. I have another blog posting on its continued progress.

We had a great time with demonstrating machine quilting and this fair goer came by and watched, then she tried it out.

One night around 9 pm, just when we were starting to close up shop, this boy came along and asked if I could sew up his chicken? He'd just won it in the midway and now it was spilling the plastic  beads. So I did. He was so amazed at how I could get a chicken into the machine to sew! It was tricky!

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