Dresden Fireside Quilt

 Ok, this is not a quilt, yet! But its one of my projects that are slowly turning into patterns. OMG, for a distracted quilt nut, I raise my glass to those thousands of other pattern makers! Its a tough job for one who flits around the studio with my magic wand ruler picking and poking textures every ten minutes! Those of you who live in the Bulkley Valley, must know by now, the summer is hung up in the last postal strike because quilts is what we need to cover up around the fire. It helps with the mosquitoes too!
 This next pattern is going to be an awesome dresden plate fan with a twist. As you know, I'm motivated to blend fabrics and someone emailed me the other day to ask what I meant by Blended Fabric Quilts. I thought, heh, that's a great segway into this latest quilt pattern. Yes, I actually hand applique the plates to my blocks, but I'll have both versions on how to do this in the pattern. I love to mix and mash fabric that are not in the collection on sale today! As you know, designers design collections, all the right color compliments to each other and so forth. I love collections, but why couldn't a person just mix and match 1991 collections with 2000 collections or 1970's collections with 2011 collections. This idea that all quilts must be made on mass from one collection repeated thousands of times, just kind of makes me feel like a drone. I am not a drone and this  blog is all about how to take your stash and blend it into today's lovely fabrics.
 As you know, I'm a fisherperson, woman, whatever, I like to fish. My husband is my hero, he does all the fitting of gear and then I get to fish. Below is one of my crazy Dresden plates in one of my crazy quilts.

 Above and below are two examples of antique Dresden plates, these were done in early 1900's from New Brunswich.


  1. I really like your Dresden Plates on that dark background -- they look great!

    And I agree that mixing fabric from different collections and decades is so much more fun than working within one collection!

  2. Dresden Plates is one of my favorite patterns. I'm so grateful that you've posted the crazy Dresden. It looks like so much fun to play with. I may have to steal your idea! Hope that's okay, because I'm not sure I can resist and be a good girl!

  3. I am so pleased that you like my Dresden Plates. I've been distracted with other projects, but have now decided on where to go with these plates. Check back for the follow-up to Dresden Fireside Quilt.

    Stealing this idea has been done for generations. Please do, I'd love to see what you come up with. Mixing and mashing of collections with recycled and vintage are what I love to do most!


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