Monday, June 27, 2011

What you can do with T-shirts and fabric!

 T-shirts can go into a quilt and its all quite simple. Here is an example of what I do with t-shirts, logo from sweatshirts, and other personal items a customer want in this quilt. This location is the Tyhee Provincial Park and Campground.
 My client called me about 2 weeks into the project and said "Carli, I've got this other T-shirt that I'd like in the quilt" I had to tell her the planning had been done and I could make an awesome cushion for the quilt from the T-shirt.
 I am very grateful that all my clients let me decide how things will look in the finished quilt. I like to make the quilts reversible, so this is the back side. Colors chosen and prints are matched to what I know about the client and usually they turn out scrappy and completely different. This location was the Quick Bridge near my studio. Check my studio web site for more information.
I'm so lucky that my hubby doesn't mind holding the quilts up for me to photograph them at all sorts of different locations. This last photo was at the Anglican Church on Quick West Rd in Telkwa.

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