Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Calm-Purple

A baby girl was born recently and the parents want a custom hand made baby quilt. Its such an honour to make custom quilts for folks who value a local product, hand made, original.

 Little pieces, colors custom picked from my studio stash. This quilt retails for $325, custom orders are made with the person who is receiving the quilt in mind. The answer to the colors chosen, Purple!

Under a pear tree sits the purple quilt and I.

Here is the alternate colors for this quilt.

And the  back of this little baby quilt was a print of cartoon like kid stuff.


  1. Very nice. I've been thinking of making a coin stack quilt for a while. I think there's inspiration here.

  2. Thanks, I'd love to see your post of the coin stack quilt on your site. I like what you are doing too!

  3. I've been facinated with this technique, I can't seem to get it out of my blood. I'm posting more photos of other coin quilts done recently later today.

  4. That's really cute -- thanks for linking up!

  5. Dropping in from Michelle's Romantic Tangle - Let's Make Baby Quilts. I love your coin stack quilt - and I have trouble with purple... I haven't been able to use any from my stash yet. Your quilt looks great!

    1. Purple is not for everyone, thanks for dropping by :)


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