World Wonders Memory Quilt

This quilt is a special one. It started with the "Drunkard's Path" blocks in the center, all using 100% recycled cotton shirting, surrounded by the new hemp/cotton muslin. Then I got a bad case of colds, bronchitis and I have asthma, so I was curtailed often to my bed for resting. I was sick so long that my sons learned how to cut the 1 1/2 inch strips of lights and darks for the "Log Cabin" blocks. Of which, many are hand sewn from all sorts of scraps of new and reused cloth. I started this in 1994, then in 1997 started with the log cabin blocks. Then around the year 2000 I sewed the log cabin blocks onto the outside area of the center piece of DP blocks. By this time, my sons were growing up and I then began working outside the  home and more time evaporated until 2003 when we moved north. Then I took it out again and began to try and put towards a finished stage, but the I only had on hand a reused muslin which began unruly and wouldn't cooperate and lie flat on the border. So it went back into the bin until 2008 when I found a great chunk of 100% cotton curtain or table cloth weight of fabric. I decided it was just busy enough to lend itself to the whole quilt. I sewed on the second border right behind the muslin, then pinned the muslin down and took a pair of scissors and with no template, cut the wavy border out that way. Appliqued it down with a hand blind stitch onto the busy outer border. Then I discovered Fishskin Fabric, and fell in love with that floral print from Amy Butlers line of fabric.
This quilt was machine quilted last weekend at the Rough Acres Bible Camp in Houston, BC and I'm planning on picking out a nice darker colored binding to sew on this weekend.


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