Silver Linings Crazy Quilt

Sometimes funny things happen to you, you know the kind that are a  happy accident. This quilt was made a real low point in our finances. Lots of history that doesn't need to be dragged up and spread all over the Internet. But this quilt was made during that very difficult time.

It is a unique quilt because it is made from 99% recycled linings of ladies line jackets and blazers. Only five colours were picked and used. It kind of ties all the various odd shapes together. I used dark burgundy coloured lining material for the dark horizontal and vertical sashings. It was quilted as I went on  each with all the threads from the hand embroidery hidden inside the sandwiched blocks. It won 1st Prize at IMP Quilt Show in Ontario in 2004. I won a beautiful oak wooden hand made quilting frame with a rotary frame, its an awesome lap quilt frame.


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