Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blended Fabric Table Runner

From my previous post, I showed you the block outcome of slashing and dashing technique and be done!
Its fast and fun to make, but more importantly looks as though you slaved for hours over it. Its our secret!
With this "flip and mix" multiple project table runner pattern, you'll be very able to finish this whole table runner in less than a day. I've got more coming that show the range of animals templates for a each an delicious individual personal gift from your sewing room!

To make this great project, I used fabric from Amy Butler, RJR and some fabrics I bought several decades ago. My design goal is to use up that older fabric "with" the newer fabric in a flash.

My patterns take the lead in helping quilters to use up that stash of older fabric blending with new fabrics so popular and bright today.

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